When do I hate being freelance?

  • When I can never turn down jobs, no matter how shitty, because I get stuck in the mentality of “I can’t turn down any work or I’ll die”.
  • When I end up grossly overworked because of that mentality.
  • When I want to bite the head off of anyone or anything that even comes close to suggesting that I sit around eating bonbons all day instead of working a REAL JOB like they do.
  • When one client takes gross advantage of me, and makes me paranoid that they’re all out to take me for everything I’m worth.
  • When I’m dealing with a male client, and I’m suddenly hypersensitive to whether or not I sound tough enough or savvy enough.
  • When I can’t ever feel free, because my only choices are to work, or feel guilty for not working.
  • When a client cites the contract saying, “you knew it was only this much money when you signed” after they’ve asked you do a bunch more work you weren’t expecting.
  • When I realize that there’s no one to stick up for me except me.  Because I have no boss, and no lawyer, and I’m my first and only line of defense.
  • When sticking up for myself makes me feel like a bitch.
  • When I feel guilty for feeling like a bitch, because I’m not supposed to fall prey to that whole “men are bosses, women are bitches” thing, because I want to be a better feminist than that.
  • …..Taxes.
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    I can relate to most of this. Especially the first two, and taxes. D= And I just went from having way more work than I...
  10. mirthtones said: I wish I could give you some advice, but for me the only sane option was quitting. Then again, I was also not allowed to do any of the projects that genuinely interested me. Hence: MA in polka. Cling to the work you *do* enjoy. Hang in there.
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    Me, too, Jo. Me too. The items in bold, especially!
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    Oh right, I forgot that “genderblindness” is something I can turn on and off like a lightswitch. 9.9 Silly me. And no, I...
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    This is a good article and all, but really? You react differently to certain clients because they’re male? I never...

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