I’ve been hawking my original minicomics at various conventions lately, so I thought it’s time I let tumblr have a turn!  Proceeds go toward A.) funding more comic projects, and B.) helping me pay off my impending gall bladder surgery.  *headdesk*


  1. Happy Birthday, Michael Mitchell [Horror, suspense, adult themes]:$8*
  2. Jungle Love [Romance, comedy, suitable for all ages]: $5
  3. Ghost Mana [Horror, suspense, adult themes]$5
  4. Reflection [Sci-fi, suspense, adult themes]: $5**
  5. Full Set of Four$20
*Printed in full color!

**This one differs from the others, in that it is a collaboration with writer Eric Adams. Incidentally, it is also a S.P.A.C.E Prize recipient for “Best Short Comic”


All books are ashcan/digest size, at 5.5 x 8.5 and are between 12-16 pages long… hence the term “minicomics”.


Shipping is $3 per order, and please note that this price is USA only. If you’re outside the USA, I will provide you with an updated quote upon receipt of your email/order.  Shipping will not exceed $10.50 in any case.


If interested, please email me [joanna.estep@gmail.com] with your order info as follows:


ORDERING: [Name of comic] x [quantity wanted]





This sale will remain open for ONE WEEK.  No orders will be accepted after October 9, 2012.  On October 15, I will start processing orders, and will get back to you via paypal money request.  No orders will be processed or shipped before October 15.

Due to a few technical difficulties on my end (mostly the fact that I’m having surgery in just over a week), I can’t process orders as fast as I’d like to,…  so thank you for your patience and continued support. NO REALLY, THANK YOU!!  I’m grateful for each and every shred of interest in my original work.

Please signal boost if you’re able!

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